10 Ways to Survive Building or Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling or building your home can be a very stressful experience. Here are 10 ways to take a humorous and lighthearted look at this expensive and often frustrating time.

1. Think of the project as a new diet.

Who doesn’t want to lose at least five pounds? This is one way to do it. Between running to stores all day and evening long, meeting with contractors, inspecting the work, searching the Western world for the perfect light fixture, who has time to eat? Provided you don’t sabotage this new, unorthodox diet plan, with McDonalds drive through, you’re good for losing five pounds. If you are a masochistic type who does some of the work yourself whether it be painting, laying tile, landscaping the yard you can count on another five to ten pounds of weight loss. Just think, you may be miserable, frustrated, exhausted, nd down right cynical about the good of the humankind, but your
jeans will fit nicely!

2. Write checks as aerobic exercise.
These workouts are great for toning the wrist and fingers. Usually done in hectic spurts as you race out the door in the morning while the contractors are breathing down your neck and your kids are beating each other with the lunch boxes you just prepared, the stress and frantic activity are sure to raise your heartbeat for a good hour. Grumbling under your breath that the plumber, electrician, or you name it, isn’t really worth this much money adds greater intensity and calorie burn to this little publicized exercise regime.

3. Save money through shopping burnout
Yes, even the most die-hard shopper will come to dread setting foot in any store. This affliction starts innocently enough as you go to look for light fixtures. How hard can it be? Hard! Either the light you want is being shipped from Yugoslavia and won’t arrive until your youngest child buys his own home, or you just can’t find the one you want. You’ll shop every lighting and electrical store you know. You’ll search Home Depot. You’ll haunt hardware stores. And then there’s plumbing fixtures. Sink centers, faucet handles, finishes, special orders. What’s all that about? And the cost. You’d think you were outfitting the palace for a former third world dictator. Of course, there’s carpet, tile, hardwood, stairs, siding, windows. Enough already. And you thought it was a pain picking mints and sweet
table treats for your wedding.

After your 1000th trip to Home Depot (or Lowes or Menards or whatever), in addition to all the other trips you’ve made for items that shouldn’t count as shopping (toilet seats, for example), you’ve had it. Your friends won’t be able to bribe you to check out the latest sale at Bloomingdales. You’ll think it will be better when you can pick out “fun” things like paint, wall paper, drapes, fabric, furniture but don’t bet on it. At this point, the pressure to make your home look like something other than an empty rat maze will counteract any joy in shopping. Spending this much money has never been such a miserable experience. As a result, when your home becomes half-way presentable, you’ll refuse to shop again even for groceries for at least six months. The money you save during this shopping hiatus will be sufficient for you to resume this previously pleasurable past time
once more without guilt.

4. Impress your friends with obscure facts.
Only someone that has built or remodeled their home can explain the fluid dynamics of a proper toilet water swirl. Or cite the International Building Code that calls for no more than 6′ between electrical outlets. Or brag that triple glazed windows are really the wave of the future for light emitting device technology. See what I mean? ūüôā

5. Pride yourself on your new creative skills.
You’ll discover a creative side that you never knew existed. Like how to wash dishes in the bath tub. And how to make a full course meal for a family of four using nothing more than a toaster and hot plate. Or how to fit an entire family in a house smaller than your first apartment. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. That’s probably true, but I also think that the only thing that separates modern and pioneer life is just one kitchen or bath remodeling project.

6. Yell at someone other than your kids and not feel guilty.
Honestly, as a modern woman trying to juggle the running of our homes, possibly a job, and the future Olympic soccer aspirations of our children, you have the primal need to yell. At someone. Anyone. Often our spouse and children suffer from this need of ours to release pent up negative energy generated from nothing more than some miniature human leaving smelly gym shoes on the kitchen table. (Ok, that probably deserves a bit of yelling we eat at this table!) But when you remodel your house, you have a whole cast of characters and believe me, they’re characters that often deserve a good scream from time to time. Like when they tell you that they tore out the fireplace because they didn’t think it looked right. Or when they show you a mistake made three weeks ago that now requires half the house to be torn down in order to fix. Yelling isn’t immature or a result of too much estrogen, it’s therapy.

7. Throw out (finally) your significant other’s treasured [fill in the blank] from his bachelor days.
You know what I mean. It could be the semi-nude poster he won’t get rid of. Or his collection of exotic beer cans. Or all of his Sports Illustrated magazines since the Chicago Bears last won the Superbowl. Now is the perfect time to get rid of it. If you need to move out of your house while the remodeling is done, or you are moving to a new home, such an opportune time may never occur again. Say it won’t fit in the rental house. It’s either this or his golf clubs. Gently remind him that the sentimental item really serves as a reminder of his advancing years. Anything. Get rid of it. It will be one positive you can remind yourself of when the stress of remodeling makes you feel that this project was the biggest mistake of your life.

8. Grow closer to your family through forced bathroom sharing.
The saying goes that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Perhaps that wise pundit had to share a closet sized bathroom with three kids and a spouse. In reality, there’s no greater way to create intimacy in a family than by all trying to get ready for the morning in the same 7’x 5′ space. You’ll learn new exciting things about your children like toilet paper is purely optional for little boys. You’ll discover that there is no bond quite like the one created when the entire family brushes their teeth together over the same sink. You’ll realize why the older generation of your relatives only washed their hair once a week instead of facing communal bathroom time. But most importantly, you’ll no longer need to yell at your kids to hurry up for school they’re standing right next to you.

9. Earn free flights from all of your purchases.
In what is admittedly (and somewhat sheepishly) the only practical survival tip on this list, get an airline mileage credit card. Charge everything on it lights, plumbing fixtures, windows, doors, lumber, carpet. The windows alone can get you close to one free trip. Whether you decide to share your miles with anyone else in the family or to escape on your own to a world of quiet solitude and, preferably, an open bar, is entirely up to you.

10. Hire some good looking contractors and feel like you’re 15 years old again.
Hey, guys get a whole chain of restaurants and bars where the main attraction is busty waitresses in tight t-shirts (Hooters). Why can’t us gals have some eye candy once in a while? Besides, it’s a productivity tool. You’ll be more likely to inspect the job or meet the architect if some young, fit, good-looking men are there especially in the summer months when shirts tend to become optional. For example, we once hired a roofing crew of male model wannabees for a house we built. My husband called them the “Beefcake Roofers.” They created quite a stir in the neighborhood that summer. Let me tell you, it made rushing to stop by the house to go over notes with the trades first thing in the morning a bit more interesting … and much more fun!

Finally, remember, the end result of your new house will be worth the aggravation of the process. Plus, think of all the good stories you can tell!


Getting online bathroom referrals

To get quality online bathroom remodel referrals you need a responsive, high converting website and a program to drive customers to your site.

Responsive, high converting website.

By clean, high converting website we mean a website that looks good and focuses on converting web visitors into leads. ¬†A lead is a combination of a consumer’s contact information along with a desire by the consumer for you to contact them to provide them with additional information about their project. ¬†Typically this is a design and/or estimate. ¬†For the last 10 years we have worked with thousands of home improvement contractors and refined the “clean, high converting website.

What is a responsive website?

In today’s web world a website must be “responsive” to the size and usability of the device that the consumer is using. ¬†This could be a traditional computer, tablet (like an Ipad) or more likely a smart phone. ¬†Well over 50% of web searches are now conducted on a mobile device. ¬†If your website does not work on a phone, it does not work. Responsive means that the website will properly re size the site to match the size of the screen that the customer is using. ¬†Websites that are not responsive have a significantly higher bounce rate (people leaving right away) than sites that look clean on whatever device the consumer is using. To see a responsive website in action visit our bathroom remodel page and resize your browser. ¬†You will notice that the language and the zip code box box resize to fit into the browser window.

 What is a high converting website?

If you are trying to get leads from your website you want your website to be high converting.  High converting means that the most visitors as possible become leads.  Creating a high converting website takes lots of testing.  Over the last 10 years and on, we test our website to make sure that they are high converting.  Here are our top ten tips to make sure that your website is high converting.

(1) Make sure that you offer an exchange for the consumer to give you their information like a free design or estimate.

(2) Ask as few questions as possible.

(3) Make sure that your site is clean and uncluttered.

(4) Make sure that your website works in all browser types.

(5) Make sure that your website works on mobile.

(6) Double and triple check your spelling and grammar.

(7) Do not offer to many “escape hatches”, i.e. links that take the consumer too far away from providing you with their contact information.

(8) Links that are not part of your lead form should open in a new browser window.

(9) Make sure that you can A/B test your website so that you will know what works and what does not work.

(10) Drive quality traffic to your website, a lead is only as good as the consumers that visit your site.

We are giving away versions of our clean, high converting website.  You can upload it to your own hosting location or use our hosting and lead management tool.



Home Remodel Buddy Website


What is the perfect home improvement website?

(1) It is simple and clean.

(2) It works on desktops, tablets and smart phones.

(3) It converts as many of your visitors as possible into leads.

How do you get the perfect home improvement website?

Just ask us as we will create the perfect home improvement website for you for free!  The website is based on our optimized home improvement lead generating website that we use to generate thousands of leads.  Here is a sample.

Get a kitchen remodel quote

kitchen remodel new kitchen remodel






Thanks for requesting a free kitchen remodel estimate and design.

Why you received an updated estimate and design offer:

Thank you for requesting a free kitchen remodel quote from our local kitchen remodel pros. we contacted you because you requested another home improvement estimate request from us in the past.

To cancel your free estimate and design request please send us a cancel request or call us at (800) 280-7665 ext 709.

The kitchen is one of the most used areas in your house. To avoid frustration you need to spend some quality time in the design of your new kitchen to ensure it fully meets your needs.  If you are looking to install a new kitchen into your home then you will find that there is a bewildering choice of free kitchen design ideas you could choose from to feed your own design plans.

Together with the bathroom, the kitchen is the most important room in the house to get right in design terms. Aside from the hall the kitchen receives the highest amount of foot traffic in the home. Most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially families and if something is not right it will bug you every time you look at it.

Here is a list of 5 popular kitchen styles that you can investigate to get you started:

Shaker kitchen style

Shaker kitchen style

This is a simple and utilitarian style focusing on simplicity and practicality.  Shaker kitchens often feature flat panel doors, wooden countertops and brass hardware.

Pictures of Shaker style kitchen remodels















Contemporary kitchen style

Contemporary kitchen style

This style has clean and simple lines. Cabinets are usually futuristic in look with no carvings or particularly ornate features.  The emphasis is on style and practical sophistication.

Pictures of Contemporary kitchen style kitchen remodels

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Country style kitchen remodel

Country Style kitchen

This style is also called early american or colonial and creates a lovely quaint farm kitchen look. ¬†Typically the kitchen will feature open shelves, pot racks and a general feeling of being well lived in, accented by the various color schemes of the cabinetry. ¬†Country home decor does not have any standards or fixed format to follow. There is a lot of scope for experimentation in country home decor. ¬†Within country home decor, there are various categories — metal signs, wooden signs, rusted signs, humorous signs, seasonal decor, French country decor and retro decor.¬†For instance, old wooden furniture can be crafted into small stools and tables for use in kids’ room. Old metal plates can be used with drawings as hangings inside the house.

Pictures of Country Style kitchen kitchen remodels


A Clear View On Vinyl Window Options

Windows are an investment in your home’s real estate value. They add style- both indoors and out. But old, leaky windows can also add to home heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 to 40 percent. And with energy costs inching upward, windows are getting more attention than ever.

Windows come in many shapes, sizes and styles and are made from a variety of materials. Choosing appropriate windows for your home is a significant decision, but don’t get overwhelmed. Know your facts and work with a qualified contractor so you can be prepared for your next window replacement project.

One of today’s most popular and versatile window materials is vinyl. Compared to wood or aluminum, vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free and long lasting. Pioneered by CertainTeed in the 1970s, millions have been installed and the demand continues to grow.

Advanced manufacturing techniques shape vinyl windows into different styles, including single- and double-hung, horizontal sliding, casement, architectural shapes and more, even custom shapes and those with decorative glass.

For energy conscious consumers, vinyl is hard to beat. As an example, CertainTeed vinyl windows with Thermaflect¬ģ low “E” glazing system help keep homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter. In fact, these windows can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 15 percent each year and come with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star rating.


A Certified Roofing Contractor-Your best Choice

new roof

new roof






How long will your roof last?

The life expectancy of your roof depends on several factors; type of roofing, quality of material, and exposure to harsh weather elements among the top. With regular maintenance and normal weathering factors, a roof can last anywhere from 10 100 years.

Common roofing material such as built up roofing usually lasts 12 20 years, metal roofing 15 40 years, wood shake or shingles 10 40 years, asphalt shingles 15 20 years, and specialty material like slate up to 100 years under good conditions.

Leaks start as small cracks in roofing material that may not be visible; water may collect in an adjacent area. To detect such damage, a close inspection of the roof may be necessary.

Replacing a roof or fixing a roof is a job for a pro

A certified roofing contractor can be called to avoid further damage to the roof, or personal injury to the homeowner caused by trying to inspect it his or her self. A roof inspection should be performed annually; constant weathering by sun, heat, rain, snow, hail, wind, and cold can cause roofing material to break down. A certified roofing contractor will know what to look for.

Selecting a Qualified Roofing Contractor

A certified, experienced contractor offers various services. From completely tearing off an old roof and replacing it with a new one, to inspecting and “certifying” an existing roof. The latter is a process in which the roof is inspected and “guaranteed” to function properly for a certain period of time; usually 2 years. The contractor takes responsibility for any necessary roofing repair during that period.

A certified contractor is knowledgeable of roof system types, materials, and installation procedures best suited to each project, and will ensure there is adequate venting.

Ask potential roofing contractors questions such as whether or not they are licensed and bonded. What liability insurance coverage they carry, and whether it is up to date. Ask which roofing product manufacturers they are licensed and approved by, for installation of products and warranty purposes. Also ask if they are a member of any regional or national trade organizations.

Several resources are available to find a certified roofing contractor; referrals, local government licensing agencies, and web sites that offer contractors for hire, or a list of contractors who are licensed and bonded.