Over 60% off Apartment and House Cleaning

Over 60% off Apartment and House Cleaning

david November 10, 2011


Why get your place spic and span with Maid 4 Hire:

  • Fully-trained and licensed professionals that get it spotless and looking better than ever, every time
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for babies and pets

The Offer: $39 for 1-hr home cleaning ($100 value)
$69 for 2-hr home cleaning ($200 value)
$95 for 3-hr home cleaning ($300 value)

Research has shown that clean surroundings can lead to a more stress-free, peaceful mind. Put your home and head in perfect harmony with a deep clean by the professionals at Maid 4 Hire and return your space into the sanctuary that it was always meant to be.

In one to three hours, the wizards at Maid 4 Hire will transform your San Francisco/Bay Area house or apartment from complete chaos to nothing but zen. Fully-trained, experienced and licensed, Maid 4 Hire is a group of absolute professionals that specialize in thorough, deep, detailed house cleaning using eco friendly products that are safe for both kids and pets. They’re also experts in move-in’s and move-out’s so you can start fresh in your new home. And never ever lose your deposit again!

Best of all, the folks at Maid 4 Hire don’t judge, so you won’t have to come up with a story to explain how you got that marinara stain on the ceiling. But it is high time you scrubbed that bad-boy off. See? Aren’t you feeling better already?

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