Getting online bathroom referrals

Getting online bathroom referrals

david August 7, 2014

To get quality online bathroom remodel referrals you need a responsive, high converting website and a program to drive customers to your site.

Responsive, high converting website.

By clean, high converting website we mean a website that looks good and focuses on converting web visitors into leads.  A lead is a combination of a consumer’s contact information along with a desire by the consumer for you to contact them to provide them with additional information about their project.  Typically this is a design and/or estimate.  For the last 10 years we have worked with thousands of home improvement contractors and refined the “clean, high converting website.

What is a responsive website?

In today’s web world a website must be “responsive” to the size and usability of the device that the consumer is using.  This could be a traditional computer, tablet (like an Ipad) or more likely a smart phone.  Well over 50% of web searches are now conducted on a mobile device.  If your website does not work on a phone, it does not work. Responsive means that the website will properly re size the site to match the size of the screen that the customer is using.  Websites that are not responsive have a significantly higher bounce rate (people leaving right away) than sites that look clean on whatever device the consumer is using. To see a responsive website in action visit our bathroom remodel page and resize your browser.  You will notice that the language and the zip code box box resize to fit into the browser window.

 What is a high converting website?

If you are trying to get leads from your website you want your website to be high converting.  High converting means that the most visitors as possible become leads.  Creating a high converting website takes lots of testing.  Over the last 10 years and on, we test our website to make sure that they are high converting.  Here are our top ten tips to make sure that your website is high converting.

(1) Make sure that you offer an exchange for the consumer to give you their information like a free design or estimate.

(2) Ask as few questions as possible.

(3) Make sure that your site is clean and uncluttered.

(4) Make sure that your website works in all browser types.

(5) Make sure that your website works on mobile.

(6) Double and triple check your spelling and grammar.

(7) Do not offer to many “escape hatches”, i.e. links that take the consumer too far away from providing you with their contact information.

(8) Links that are not part of your lead form should open in a new browser window.

(9) Make sure that you can A/B test your website so that you will know what works and what does not work.

(10) Drive quality traffic to your website, a lead is only as good as the consumers that visit your site.

We are giving away versions of our clean, high converting website.  You can upload it to your own hosting location or use our hosting and lead management tool.



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